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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Trip to the Farmer's Market
I have always know about Farmer's Markets because I had family that were beef farmers and corn farmers. My cousin's husband used to be the President of the Corn Growers Association. When my father retired from the Air Force he moved us to a very small town. We rented a house on a dairy farm five miles outside the city limit. I lived with Holstein cows my last three months of high school. I loved living in the country. It's sort of sappy, but everytime I go back through that small little town, I drive out to the country and down the dirt road to one of the smelliest places I have ever been. Once you have smelled a dairy farm, you NEVER forget that smell. For some reason it never bothered me. I loved the cows, the field corn, the weekly dairy trucks, and the flat bed trucks loaded to the gills with hay bales. I think secretly I always wanted to be a farmer I admire those who can take a seed and feed millions. The time, the effort, the brut strength it takes to be a farmer is so impressive. I never did milk cows, I never picked the corn, but have had the utmost respect for those who have.

So yesterday my husband and I headed out to our local Farmer's Market and we spent a while out there just walking around taking pictures of all the wonderful produce. Fall produce is so beautiful not to mention very tasty. So below you will see what turns me on about the market and all it has to offer.
If you have a Farmer's Market near you, go out there and just walk around and take a look at what REAL food looks like after it has been picked, cleaned and driven to market. Support your local Farmer's Market as much as you can. These folks feed our country and many others. They deserve our respect and our dollars to help them to continue to thrive.


At 5:06 PM, Blogger michelle said...

Hi Vickie!
I've been away from the computer over the weekend and you've posted some beautiful things. I completely agree with you about dairy farms! There was a chicken farm near-enough to my house to smell when the wind blew just right and I'll never forget that smell either! Great plug for farmer's markets and I can't agree more with your sentiments. I'm also going to check out the food-related items website (you know my weakness!). And I absolutely love your post on the elderly people that you cook for - there's so much wisdom and years of experience and just a different way of looking at the world from elderly people. My grandmother is one of the most important people in my life, and I'm so glad to have been able to have had her in my life for this long. I also used to be a candystriper of sorts when I was in highschool in an oncology unit and I still remember many of their names and the stories they shared with me. Thanks for some great posts.

At 5:22 PM, Blogger vlb5757 said...

Michelle, my parents lived near a huge chicken farming community and I remember seeing miles and miles of those skinny tin buildings. You never did see the chickens outside! At least I got to see the cows outside on the dairy farm.

Both my grandmothers meant the world to me and they both died very old (in their 90s). I loved watching them cook and talking to them about how they stored food in a stream to keep it cold. One grandmother talked about digging a hole in the ground to keep food cold. I hated to ask about the bugs...ugh!

I have been keeping up with your site and love it! I will post my comments on your site! Thanks for posting on mine!


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