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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Food Trinkets
I have not been able to be much of a jewerly person since becoming a chef. In culinary school they require that you NOT wear jewerly except for a wedding band and that had to be plain. I don't have a plain band so I put mine away and have bearly worn it since 1995. So the next best thing for me to express my love for food was wearing a food watch and having a food related key chain. There are two fellow chefs that started a business called The Decorated Chef (please see Links section) This business revolves around food items. They have an array of different items for sale that are just so cute. I have bought a food related watch and now have just purchased myself a "Peas in a Pod" key ring.

I know this is a shameless promotion but I am a huge fan of female run businesses and do my very best to promote other small female owed and operated businesses. I love their stuff and even know the designer's mother of the fruit and vegetable note cards, of which I have bought more than a few packages of! The note cards are pictures of carrots, eggplants, cherries, radishes, and pea pods. I love using them for notes to my clients, family and friends.
Since I love getting things in the mail I wanted to show how the items come packaged. I just thought this was such a cleaver idea that I had to post it here. I think that packaging in any form is the same as what we do when we eat. If it looks nice it much taste nice. If they package my key rings nicely, they much care about having my repeat business.


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