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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I Love Bacon!!!
I am a true Southern girl through and through to the bone, except for my Texan accent which disappeared years ago. You can take the girl out of the South but not the South out of the girl really applies to me! I was raised on bacon and eggs every weekend as far back as I can remember. There was nothing better than a crispy piece of freshly fried bacon draining on a paper towel next to the stove. Even now as an adult I can't pass up bacon. When I cook breakfast on Sundays (the only day I allow myself to have bacon), it bearly makes it to the plate before I have eaten half of what I just fried up. Thankfully my hubby sleeps later than I do and will never be wise to the fact that I fry up 8 slices and between our two plates, there are only 4 slices to be eaten. Wonder what happened to the other 4 slices?????? I will never tell and since I am not going to let him proof this post, hubby will never know!

When I was cooking up the Butter beans for dinner, I used some thick slices of bacon that were purchased a few days ago to put in the cabbage and then in the green beans. I will not be eating bacon this coming Sunday and was afraid it would go bad before I could do the Sunday breakfast thing. So I heard about this tip from someone about how to save your bacon from going rancid. I have never done this before so I thought I would give it a shot and pass this on to all of you other bacon lovin' folks.

After you open the package and use what you are going to use, freeze it. No, not the usual way. Take a small sheet pan and line it with wax paper. Then take each slice of bacon and curl it up and set it on the pan. Pop that into the freezer and wait for the rolls to completely freeze. Then take the rolls off of the pan and put them into a freezer bag.
When you are cooking and just need one slice of bacon, you can pop that little frozen roll out and use it.
As far as I can see, you can take the bacon out to thaw for a few minutes and still use it for frying. Just to be on the safe side, I would take a paper towel and blot off any access moisture before frying. So this is a quick and easy tip to save yourself from rancid bacon.


At 11:15 PM, Blogger ilva said...

Smart! The bacon looks lovely and the butter beans too! Here you eat them late spring-early summer and often raw with pecorino cheese!

At 11:37 AM, Blogger Dawn said...

That is a good idea. I never though of it before, but it makes perfect sense. I just don't does bacon last long enough to get rancid? :-)

At 8:12 AM, Blogger vlb5757 said...

Sadly, my bacon has gone rancid a few times since Feb this year. I have been trying to lose 70 pounds and I know this sounds odd, but if I eat one piece of bacon, half a pound later I am regretting it. So it's like a Lay's potato chip, I can't eat just one. So I have been on the "No eating Bacon" wagon. I have lost 40 but still have more to go and will have to obstain from Bacon until I get where I need to be. I sure miss it!!

At 4:31 PM, Blogger michelle said...

Hi Vickie!
I hope you had a good weekend teaching! Where did you go? That's a great way to save bacon - I always wrap up the slices in saran wrap (like an accordian) and save it because I try to only eat it every once and a while (I LOVE BACON!), but this looks easier. It's hard to be 'good' with eating...I've got to be a bit more careful because heart disease is rampant in my family.

CSAs are great, but Farmer's Markets are even better because you can choose everything you want and you never get stuck with some weird unidentifiable veggie :) Did your hubby like the beans? BTW - You looked great in your festival picture, so it looks like things are going well in the healthy eating department - good luck to you for the rest of your goal!

At 5:38 AM, Blogger vlb5757 said...

Hey Michelle! I stuck part of my weekend adventure up on the blog just now. I did write it yesterday but forgot to post it.

I completely understand about the bacon/health issues. My younger brother has Type 2 Diabetes and that's what motivated me to lose the first 40 pounds. I figured I would hedge my bet by trying to get healthier. It may or may not work, but it certainly can't hurt and really needed to be done.

I am really disappointed about the CSAs. I really thought because we had a Farmer's Market here there would be something available. Guess again! Well, I will still hope!

Yes, that wonderful man did love the beans. We ate on them for two days. Of course I picked out the bacon and ate that first. It was to spare him on his spare tire. HA! lol.

Thanks about the photo. I was a bit scared about sticking it up on the blog. I used to weight 260, so getting to 178 makes me feel so much better and more wrinkled. Small price to pay. Can anyone say, "Face Lift"?


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