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Monday, October 10, 2005

Recovery is everything!
I know that is a cheesy title but I think I did this very well this weekend. After my poor chicken got blackened without me...paying attention I had to recover my cooking dignity! Nothing like posting your burned chicken on the blog! lol! So I got a brain storm Sunday morning. I picked the rest of the meat off the bones and cut it up. I had thought about the usual chicken salad but then I remembered an Oprah show where she talked about eating the most amazing Curry Chicken sandwich. Ah ha! That's it. Curry Chicken Salad. YUM. I have never made this before so it was a guinea pig recipe for the hubby. I looked around to see what I could throw in the bowl besides the chicken. Well I would need a base; light mayo. Then I needed some other interesting "out of the box" element to throw in there. Let's see, raisins? No too...predictable. Currents! So let's see... we have left over blackened chicken, light mayo, currents and then I needed some chopped green onions, and half an apple, s&p, and finally the curry powder. Not too shabby for trying to recover from that horrible chicken incident! Sorry about the darkness of the picture. I am still playing with the camera but take my word for it; it was yummy. Since sometimes a sandwich is just not enough carbs, I added one more thing to the lunch line up. When we were at the Farmer's Market the day before I bought some tomatoes that were labeled "Traumatized". The description cracked me up and who could resist buying them after that?

Tomato, Goat Cheese and Herb Tart-Serves 4 or more
2 tsp rosemary, fresh, chopped
2 tsp basil leaves, fresh, chopped
2 tsp thyme, chopped finely
2 tsp parsley, flat leaf
1 large garlic clove, crushed
salt and pepper to taste
1 large bay leaf
1 TBS Dijon mustard
1/3 cup olive oil
3/4 cup Gruyere Cheese, grated
12 Roma tomatoes, sliced
1 large fennel bulb, finely chopped
1/2 pound Goat cheese, cut in thin slices (as thin as you can because it's a bit tricky. Dipping the knife in warm water helps if the cheese is really cold)
1 16 oz. package pie crust, all ready made (you can make your own instead)

Combine all the herbs and olive oil plus the bay leaf in a jar or bowl and leave overnight if possible or at least a few hours.
Preheat oven to 375 and put a baking sheet in the oven.
Put the pie crust on the pre-heated baking sheet and spread the mustard on the pie dough. Then sprinkle the Gruyere cheese evenly on top of the mustard. Cover the whole shell with alternating sliced tomatoes and pieces of the Goat cheese in concentratic circles. Brush the top of the tomatoes and cheese with the olive oil and herb mixture. Do not saturate or it becomes oily and over wet while baking. Bake for 35 minutes until it is heaving, brown and bubbly. Remove from oven and brush with remaining oil (you may not have to do this) and let cool for about 10 minutes before serving.

I would love to give credit for this recipe but for the life of me I can't remember where I got it! I searched through about 5 cookbooks but never found it. It could be Cooking light, then again not.


At 11:09 PM, Blogger ilva said...

That sounds really good with all the herbs! About your photos, don't you have program where you can 'clean' up your pictures? Lighten them up etc. There are many and some you can download for free like Picasa. It's not so professional but it's something to start with.

At 11:10 PM, Blogger ilva said...

And thanks for the link!

At 4:51 PM, Blogger michelle said...

Hi Vickie!
That tart looks scrumptious! Sometimes the best tasting produce is the ugliest! Even with a little farmer's market, I bet some of the produce you find there will be surprisingly better than stuff from the grocery store (even Trader Joes, which I adore) - do a taste test and find out! I'm cleaning the kitchen tonight, so I'll take pics and post 'em for you to appease your curiosity :)

At 7:25 PM, Blogger vlb5757 said...

lol! I am following Beth's lead from Zen Foodism and took pictures of my pantry. I was horrified for sure! I will post later too. I think I need to "spring clean" my pantry here pretty quick.


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