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Monday, June 19, 2006

Smoke This
This past weekend I had the best time I have ever had doing a demo. People seemed very enthusiastic about what I was showing them. Heck I was even impressed. After you have been cooking for a living for a while, it takes a little more to get you all riled up. I found a product that I would use again and again for my own cooking! This is something that you can use in the house in the oven and outside on your grill. Now, if you are a hard core grilling person this may not appeal to you but for the everyday home chef, this is a gem of a product.

As most of you know, I doing a cooking demo once a month at my local Fresh Market. It's about three hours long, but it's a very action packed three hours. This month I got to use a product that I have never used or even heard about before. That makes the chef in me very excited. Okay, okay, now the product... It's a Smoker Bag made by SAVU. I have never heard of these before but I just love them. I love the fact that when I used the bag on the standing George Foreman grill, not one puff of smoke was to be seen but the smell was fabulous. People in the front of the store came in the back saying they could smell it and had to see what was cookin'. Now that's great advertising!

The smoker bad it the easiest thing you have ever used to get that smokey flavor in your meats without all the smoke and fussing with charcoal or a butane grill. You simply open up the bag and insert your meats, fish and or vegetables; close it up and put it in the oven at 400 degrees. Here, the bag is filled with skinny pieces of Salmon. The demo was done inside the store so it's smoking on an electric George Foreman grill. The lid was put on the grill and I timed it for 25 minutes. See the results...

You can get the recipe at here for the Smoked Salmon. I was really impressed with the bag and I personally will be using one of these bags!


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