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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Who said that Moose only live in the woods?
Here is my entry to Weekend Dog Blogging. You will want to check out the other beloved K-9s at Cate's place.

Meet Moose Brown. Sounds kind of silly for a Doxie, but here is his story. Sadie is his mother and Edward is his father. His older brother died during birth and we did the best we could to revive him. I knew that Sadie was in distress and having never delivered puppies before, I had no earthly idea what to do. I called the vet and they said to bring her right over. They took her and gave her an X-ray to see if there were anymore puppies. Yes, there was one more little soul in there. Moose was delivered by C-section and weighed in at exactly 4 ounces. They had a hard time getting him to breathe at first but he came around. When I held him in my hands, it was like holding cotton candy; you could see it but bearly feel it. We took him home along with his mom that day and watched him like a hawk. I think I was more of a nervous mother than Sadie. She did a great job for being a first time mom. She knew exactly what to do. I was shocked.

Since the puppy had such are hard beginning I thought he needed a big name to get his life going. So since his father was named after Eddy on Frasier, I decided to name him after Eddy's (the TV dog) REAL name, which is Moose. So now we have this little tiny thing with a huge name. He did not disappoint us at all. He grew up to weigh 22lbs and has feet like a Basset Hound, which really surprised us since both his parents are minis and weigh under 10 pounds each.

Moose isn't not very bright, but what he lacks in smarts he makes up ten fold with love and devotion. He loves his little brother Charlie and is devoted to being a good Doxie pack member. He is all about sleeping, eating, and licking everything he can get that tongue on. We just call him our "tongue with legs".

This picture can be taken everyday at least twice a day. Moose and I play this game called "stair kisses". He gets to a certain point on the stairs and just sits there and waits for me to let him give me kisses through the stairs. We do this every morning when I roust him out of his bed and every night when we are on our way up to bed. None of the other dogs do this, just Moose. I have no idea how this behavior started but it ours to share and I love it every day. He is a very sweet soul.


At 11:23 PM, Blogger Ed Tep said...

Vickie - Moose sounds like one loveable sweetheart. It's so fun to hear about other doxies' personalities. I would have never guessed from your pics that he is 22 lbs! He is one BIG mini! haha. Maybe he was sneaking boxes of Wheaties when you weren't looking. And the stair kisses! That's so adorable!

At 5:20 AM, Blogger s'kat said...

That is the *best* story for such a sweet, adorable little face! Stair kisses rock!

At 6:42 AM, Blogger vlb5757 said...

Ed-when we took Moose to the vet after he was a year old to renew his shoots, they said he was classified as a standard. I was shocked but I knew he was no mini. They said that anything can pop up in a litter and Moose is living proof! I have two minis and two standards. Charlie, his half brother is a standard also. Who knew??

s'kat-I just love that Moose and I share this odd thing between the two of us. I have other little things that one each dog does with me. It's so strange. It's like they have to be the "special" child for one moment with Mommy. Just like little kids!


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