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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Musical Fruit

The Musical Fruit
Last year we tried to grow some musical fruit but sadly all I got was about 1/4 cup. Not really enough to make anything substantial to eat. I was disappointed. The problem is I am a beginner gardener and I still am learning about crop vs yield. I am not really sure how many beans come from a bean plant. Are you supposed to continually pick and then that creates more blooms. Do you leave the pod on the plant until it dries, then pick the beans? When do you pick a Snow Pea? How small should it be? Once it is out of control can you shell it and just eat the peas? Having a garden creates so many questions and is like going to school all over again. It's been fun learning what works where in our garden.

I got the name of a seed company from another blogger's site and have ordered from them once last year but we are about to order for the fall garden and see how that goes. We have only done a summer garden but I think we should try our hand at a fall or winter garden. I have gotten into this gardening thing so much that we have even batted around the idea of building a cold frame. (this picture was taken back in May when we first planted our garden)

Our first venture into the musical fruit realm didn't yield as much as I had hoped so this year we dedicated almost one of beds to just the beans. These are not just any beans mind you. These are beans that are talked about in the Bible. I did not know this until I asked Google about how when to pick these beans. It lead me to a site where I learned a lot about my choice of beans. I didn't remember it's an heirloom bean but now I know. I will plant more again next year and every year that I can. I just love how easy they are to grow and the the way they look. Of course there is an side effect mentioned at the site above but who cares!

Here is a beauty shot of Jacob's Cattle as they have started to dry on the plant. I did look up how to pick them on that above bean site and I found out that I had done the right thing by leaving them on the vine. Some are more dried than others, but it's a start. I have a wonderful feeling that I will have more beans this year than last year. I will put the dried beans in a jar until I find the most perfect bean dish for them. They look pretty haggard but when you shake them they rattle and then you pop it open and you get...

Here is what I had time to pick yesterday. I shelled them and the beans are in various states of dryness. I know now to leave the rest of the pods on the plants until they make more rattling noise when I shake them. Live and learn!
You might be able to see the white markings on the ends of some of the beans. So we are on our way with the bean crop. Stay tuned for more garden updates!

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