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Monday, July 21, 2008

The fruits of our efforts

The Fruits of Our Efforts

Surely you knew that the next post I would write about is what I did with the blueberries that we picked. It's not going to be exciting or especially creative, but who cares! They were yummy. I keep Bisquick around at all times. It's a habit from when we were a pretty new couple. You can make anything with this stuff and it was cheap. I was not a scratch cook when I was younger and I have gotten away from some things from scratch and this is one of them.

I could not resist making blueberry pancakes with our fresh blueberries. It was just too easy and very quick. The batter did not turn blue because they were fresh. Since the berries had not been frozen and full of melting blue juice, my batter was a nice creamy color. Using fresh berries make such a difference. I did not over beat the batter and just incorporated the berries to keep from crushing them.

See how the batter is still the same creamy color?

I am not a huge pancake expert, but I was pleased with the way they turned out.

I am not an expert pancake maker but I was pretty pleased at how they turned out. So the fruit of our efforts paid off well. DH said they were good and it was not our usual bacon and egg breakfast. I hope to have more about blueberries in the near future. Maybe I will get up off the couch when I see it's time to pick corn...maybe...


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